Your Complete Guide to Piqua Area School Districts

The area around Piqua is filled with one-of-a-kind communities, from the small-town streets of Tipp City to the historic landmarks of Troy.

If you’re moving to one of these unique neighborhoods with a few kids in tow, then you’re in luck: you’ll find plenty of top-notch schools here as well! Take some time to explore the school districts in a few communities around Piqua, and see which one gets an A+ in your grade book.

Piqua City Schools

A classroom.

The Piqua City School District operates five schools in the area, and a little over 3,200 students attend them. The student-teacher ratio of the school is a little higher than the national average, 19:1 compared to 17:1, but students still boast test scores well-above the national average, as well as a 91% graduation rate!

As far as academics go, the schools offer AP courses, as well as a Gifted and Enrichment Education program for students who excel in reading and/or mathematics. Curious about extracurriculars? You’ll find everything from the usual sports to more unique picks like swimming, bowling, and diving, as well as a wide variety of clubs and teams.

Troy City Schools

A high school basketball game.

With nine schools total and over 4,000 students enrolled, the Troy City School District is the largest in the Piqua area. It also has the highest graduation rate out of the rest of the schools, coming in at 97%, and a 17:1 student-teacher ratio.

Since the district is larger than the others, students have access to a wider variety of extracurriculars, including athletics, fine arts, and clubs. Plus, the district plans on growing even more in the next few years! Through the Future of Learning initiative, the school is working with a design firm and the Ohio School Facility Commission to renovate and add to the academic campus.

Covington Exempted Village Schools

Students walking into a school.

The smallest district in the area, Covington has just three schools—one elementary, one middle, and one high—and just under 1,000 students enrolled. The smaller size of the district allows for a hands-on academic experience, which is reflected in the 95% graduation rate and impressive test scores!

Students in Covington schools still have access to plenty of extracurriculars, despite the district’s smaller size. Athletics include things like football, golf, basketball, and volleyball, and clubs include topics like art, drama, and foreign language.

Tipp City Exempted Village Schools

Two young children working on homework.

Tipp City is the second-smallest district in the area—coming in with just under 2,500 students throughout its five schools—but it’s known as the top district in Miami County.

The school’s top ranking has a lot to do with the highly rated teachers and the diverse extracurricular options, especially athletics. Tippecanoe High School was also recently awarded a silver medal from U.S. News and World Report for being a top Ohio school!

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