Don’t Go It Alone

Consider the sale of your home “by owner?”  That may seem logical when there is strong sales activity in the real estate market, but wait a minute!  First, consider your reasons and their consequences. Some”by Owners” believe they can perform the same functions as a real estate professional, eliminating the need for representation.  They soon learn […]

Reward yourself

Reward Yourself Have you ever tried selling a car by placing a classified ad?  How did you feel when prospective buyers said the car wasn’t worth the asking price, and needed extensive repairs?  Were you offended or did you feel defensive? When selling your home on our local real estate market, you may hear the […]

6 Ways to Save for Your Down Payment

A 20% down payment is a significant chunk of change. But with enough time to prepare and a little bit of creative budgeting, you’ll be able to save up for your new home sooner than you think. Follow these helpful budgeting tips to get started! Break Down Your Budget While it’s never a bad idea […]