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Inspection Protection!

You’ve found the home of your dreams, and you’re preparing to make your offer. As you consider price and terms, be sure to include one of the most critical components of the offer – a home inspection contingency. The contract should clearly identify how any reported habitability problems will be rectified. Habitability means you cannot […]

Buy With Confidence

You’ve found the perfect home.  You’re excited and ready to make a written offer to purchase, but how can you be sure there are no structural defects or unseen items requiring repair or replacement? You’ll address your concerns in the inspection addendum that accompanies the written purchase offer.  These documents govern the buying process, inspection […]

Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate

What’s the most important goal behind an Offer To Purchase?  Agreement!  How do buyers and sellers achieve that goal?  Negotiation!  And yet the term “negotiation” often sends people running for the door, because they believe that negotiation is simply another word for conflict. Not true!  Negotiation is a golden opportunity for everyone involved to get […]

Timing is Everything

How long does it take to sell a home?  Is thirty days reasonable?  Will it take ninety days, six months – even a year? In fact, the “market” determines the time required to attract a buyer.  The “market” is simply the buying activity presently occurring in this area.  It includes factors such as how many […]

Opportunity In Any Market

Whether the market is up or down (and particularly if it’s down), buying a “fixer-upper” and updating it can prove to be a profitable venture.  As with any real estate investment, however, it’s wise to enter with eyes wide open. Knowledge and caution will help you avoid common pitfalls. The ideal candidate for such a […]

Don’t Go It Alone

Consider the sale of your home “by owner?”  That may seem logical when there is strong sales activity in the real estate market, but wait a minute!  First, consider your reasons and their consequences. Some”by Owners” believe they can perform the same functions as a real estate professional, eliminating the need for representation.  They soon learn […]

Reward yourself

Reward Yourself Have you ever tried selling a car by placing a classified ad?  How did you feel when prospective buyers said the car wasn’t worth the asking price, and needed extensive repairs?  Were you offended or did you feel defensive? When selling your home on our local real estate market, you may hear the […]