Archives: April 2018

Timing is Everything

How long does it take to sell a home?  Is thirty days reasonable?  Will it take ninety days, six months – even a year? In fact, the “market” determines the time required to attract a buyer.  The “market” is simply the buying activity presently occurring in this area.  It includes factors such as how many […]

Why Advertising May Not Work

As you prepare to sell your home, you’ll probably consider the best way to advertise it.  Surprisingly, advertising may not work. But marketing does, and there is a big difference.  Your agent will be more involved in “marketing” your home, and here’s why. A photo and description of your home’s features, in a newspaper or magazine, […]

Financing 101

If you’re not a homeowner, you might be confused by all the financing lingo.  Learn more by understanding the basic terms used to describe a mortgage. A mortgage is a loan to finance your home purchase, and uses the home as your collateral, which the lender can take back if you don’t pay your debt. […]