Winter Tips for Spring Sellers: How to Prep Your Home Before You List

If you’ve bought or sold a home before, you probably know that spring is one of the busiest seasons for real estate. We’re still a few months out from all the pandemonium, but it’s not too early to start planning ahead. Here are a few things that spring sellers can do in the winter to get ready for buyers.

Up Your Curb Appeal

Spring sellers house

Let’s face it—our homes are looking a little drab these days. The grass is brown, there’s tons of snow and ice, and our landscaping leaves a little something to be desired. Although you can’t snap your fingers to summon warmer weather, it’s easy to get your home looking a little nicer before spring.

First, head out to the street and take a good look at your home. What does it really look like? If you notice any peeling paint, overgrown weeds, or crumbling walkways, now is the time to take action. You might even want to talk to a local landscaper to see what you should be doing now to get your yard and plants looking their best.

Winter-Proof Your Place

Spring sellers repairing their home

Ohio has some pretty chilly winters, and by now, you probably know of any drafts, HVAC problems, or questionable pipes. Many buyers probably won’t notice any of those problems come springtime…but home inspectors will. It’s never too late to winter-proof your home, and it can save you time and money before a home inspection.

Not sure where to start? You may want to call a repairman for an HVAC checkup—even if you don’t think you have any problems. However, resealing your doors and windows or insulating pipes are simple projects you can do on your own.

Tackle Pesky Repairs

Person repairing floors

Even if your home is only a few years old, you’ve probably been putting off some pesky repairs. Don’t procrastinate for much longer—February is the time to get fixes done before buyers step through your door!

If you know you have a lot to do, consider having a home inspection before you list. From there, you can determine which repairs you can complete yourself—but never be afraid to enlist the help of a pro. They can help you conquer any bigger projects and ensure that they’re done right.

Connect with an Agent

Spring sellers talking

Once your home is in tip-top shape, it’s time to start looking for the perfect local agent. It might be hard to find the right fit, but don’t be afraid to check out multiple options before settling on “the one.” Remember—many agents will be booked come spring, so you’ll want to make a connection now!

As you interview agents, be sure to ask if they’ve sold homes in your neighborhood before. Don’t forget to read testimonials and inquire about their current listings, too—it’ll give you a good snapshot of their business model.

Ready to Sell?

If you’re getting ready to list your Piqua home, only trust the experts. The Kathy Henne Team is here to help you during every step of the selling process. Just drop us a line with any questions—we’ll get back to you in a flash! In the meantime, feel free to check out our other resources and spring sellers tips.

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