Yes, You Can Buy a Home Virtually…Here’s How!

If you’re trying to buy a home during these difficult times, then you know it’s not easy. A lot of agents were taken by surprise when COVID-19 began affecting our daily lives, but we’ve found a way to help you buy a home virtually!

Buying Your Home Virtually

It’s now possible to buy your home completely online…without stepping foot inside any listings! It was never unusual for most people to start their home searches on the web, but we now have the resources to do everything virtually. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Meet with Your Buyer’s Agent

Real Estate Agent

Want to meet your agent face-to-face while maintaining social distance? Video chats or conferences make it easy to communicate and spearhead the buying process without having to meet in person! It’s just as effective—and definitely more personalized—than a regular phone call.

Step 2: Find Your Dream Home

Bird's Eye View of Homes

Now it’s time for the fun part—searching for your new home! Our handy search tool makes it easier than ever to find the perfect place. You can even filter your search based on features, school districts, location, and so much more. 

We can also set up customized listing alerts with your individual needs in mind. This keeps you on top of all the new listings without the stress of constantly checking for them. And if you want to set up a virtual tour, just favorite the listings you like, and we’ll handle the details!

Step 3: Video Showings

Video Chat

In-person showings are being kept at a minimum right now, but agents still have access to homes currently on the market. With the power of video chatting, we can give you a thorough walkthrough of any homes that you love. This real-time virtual tour allows you to ask for more information about anything you see, so you’re not left with any unanswered questions.

Step 4: Sign Paperwork

Signing Paperwork

Closing on your home is now easier than ever…and you can even sign every document from the comfort of your couch! To make things easier, your signature can also be added to paperwork through a verified online resource like DocuSign. These e-signatures are just as valid and legally-binding as any physical signature.

Ready to Buy Your Home?

It’s easier to buy a home virtually now than ever before, and you can do it all without having to step outside. The Kathy Henne Team is ready to help whenever you need us, and we’ve got plenty of resources to assist you in buying a home. Contact us whenever you’re ready to move forward!

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