How to Sell Your Home Virtually During COVID-19

COVID-19 has had an impact on every industry in the nation, including real estate. If your house is currently on the market, then you’ve probably felt these impacts firsthand. After all…it isn’t always easy to sell your home virtually!

How You Can Sell Your Home Online

Your real estate agent should be prepared to help you sell your home at this stage of the pandemic. If you’re a thinking about entering the market, here are three steps you can take to streamline the selling process.

1. Prepare your home for a virtual tour

home ready for virtual tour

Preparing for a virtual tour is a little bit different than prepping for a regular showing. You’ll need to consider how your home looks from a camera’s perspective and how it might appear differently on a screen. 

Before any virtual tours begin, make sure all lights are on and all doors are open. This helps to limit contact, but it also means less work for whoever’s running the camera. It’s a good idea to remind the agent to not shut off the lights or close the doors as they exit a room—this could make your video seem clunky.

2. Keep your home cleaned and decluttered

clean and decluttered home

While in-person showings are being kept to a minimum, most agents are still offering virtual tours for their listings. And although it might seem impossible to show every angle of your home through a camera lens, it’s still important to make your space look beautiful.

A deep-cleaned home will look better on camera than a home that’s just been surface cleaned. Try taking before and after pictures once you’ve done plenty of scrubbing and tidying…you’ll notice the difference. It’s also crucial that your space is as clear and decluttered as possible—a cluttered home feels suffocating through a camera.

3. Make use of natural lighting

natural light in home

On camera, it’s very easy to tell the difference between natural and artificial light. When in doubt, just open a few windows and throw back the drapes—you can never go wrong by letting the sun shine in.

Looking for more tips? Try not to block your windows and tuck tall furniture pieces away to let in as much light as possible. Green plants and mirrors can also help brighten up your space.

Ready to Sell Your Home Virtually?

If you’re thinking about entering the market during these trying times, we’re here to help! We have plenty of resources to get you started, and we’d love to help you list and sell your home. Contact the Kathy Henne team today to take your next steps.

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