Interior Home Updates for Summer

Summer is a great time to make some improvements and bring new life into your home. And thanks to the bright colors and ample sunshine of the season, you don’t have to undertake major renovations to make your home feel fresh and new. The right interior home updates can make a big difference!

DIY Interior Home Updates for Summer

a beautiful summertime home

Give your home a taste of a carefree vacation lifestyle with some simple interior home updates for summer. These DIY improvements will lend an easy, bright, and breezy vibe.

Lighten up paint colors

a kitchen with light colors

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way! And it can definitely be a weekend DIY project—all you need is paint, rollers and brushes, tape, and maybe some protective sheets for flooring or furniture.

When choosing new colors for rooms, focus on neutral tones, like pastels, beiges, greys, or soft greens. Not only do neutral colors mesh with more decor and furniture, they also appeal to more buyers, which is good if you plan on selling in the next few years.

Welcome in bright or bold accents

a living room with bold accent colors

Bright and bold colors should be used sparingly, but they definitely have their place in summer decor. In rooms with light-colored paint or furniture, bright accent pillows, throw blankets, or centerpieces can usher in a sense of summer fun.

Simplify & minimize

a minimalist living room

Summer is all about simplicity, so your decor should be, too. Kick off your home makeover with a decluttering session. Pare down on extraneous belongings in storage areas, closets, and countertops. Organize paperwork, donate or sell large pieces of furniture that aren’t used, and remove any unworn clothing from closets.

Bring in greenery & blooms

interior home updates for summer with plants

Spring and summer are a time of bright flowers, colorful blooms, and lots of greenery. So if you want the inside of your home to really feel like summer, bring some plant life inside, too.

Potted succulents are fairly easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of upkeep, for those who aren’t particularly botanically inclined. If you’ve got a green thumb, try adding a climbing wall plant or ivy to really bring a sense of summer inside.

Need a New Home to Decorate?

If you’re looking for a home in the Piqua area, we’d love to help you find it! Contact the Kathy Henne Team today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect home in just the right spot.

Updating to sell your home? We can definitely lend a hand with that, too!

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