Why School Districts Matter (Even If You Don’t Have Kids)

If you don’t have kids, school districts probably don’t come to mind too much when you’re searching for a new home. But you might be surprised at some of the benefits that come with buying a home in a good school district!

Whether you’re making the move to the area with kids in tow or not, here’s why you should consider the role that school districts play in your home-buying journey.

Your Home Value Will Be Consistent

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Typically, homes in good school districts tend to cost more than those that aren’t. In fact, Redfin even did a study on the numbers, and found that homes in better districts cost around $50 more per square foot.

But that’s not all—the company also found that similar homes less than a mile apart but in different districts had widely different listing prices! So while you will have to pay more initially, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your investment.

You’ll Be Able To Sell for More

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In fact, you’ll probably end up making more! You already know that your home value is reliably consistent (and higher than other similar homes in the area), so why not take some time to really up its value?

Since kitchens and bathrooms are big selling points for buyers, consider focusing your upgrades on those two areas. You’re already in a profitable area, so the benefits will only be amplified by the location.

There May Be More Things To Do

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If you’re living in a good school district, that usually means that the economy in the neighborhood is doing pretty well. Not only are the homes going to be nicer, but there’ll also be plenty of things to do. You can expect to find a greater concentration of local businesses, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

But In the End, It’s Up To You

While there are certainly benefits to buying a home in a good school district, it might not be the best choice for everyone. If your financial situation is more suited for a similar home in a different district, then there’s nothing wrong with finding a property that better fits your needs! After all, every buyer is different, and the most important thing is making a choice that you’ll be happy with.

Find Your Home in the Piqua Area

Curious about what the best school districts are in the Piqua area? We’re here to help! Browse our information on schools, take a look at our guide to buying, and kick off your home search!

Whenever you’re ready to get started on your buying journey, just give us a call!

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